CPCCDE5001 Conduct air monitoring and clearance inspections for asbestos removal work

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Classroom Training

Asbestos Assessor training - carry out Asbestos Clearance Inspections and conduct asbestos air monitoring.

Our experienced Facilitator will explain the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role of a Asbestos Assessor. A Learner Guide, Practical Activities that closely simulate a worksite and Class Discussions; will assist and support your application of the knowledge and skills. Knowledge and Practical Assessments are required.

Note: Asbestos training services are delivered by Training Momentum Pty Ltd under a Third-Party Agreement with with Alert Force RTO 91826

Course Overview 

Nationally Recognised Training

Asbestos Assessors are required to visually inspect and provide clearance Certificates for asbestos removal sites.

Additionally, Assessors monitor airborne asbestos fibres as an integral part of identifying hazards, assessing risks/controls; and ensuring that the workplace is free of visible asbestos fibres and air monitoring results are at acceptable levels prior to reoccupation.

The unit includes:

  • the planning of the air monitoring process,
  • the selection and use of processes and air-monitoring equipment,
  • the conduct of the assessment process, and
  • the proper handling and interpretation of results.

Asbestos clearance certification, assessment and air monitoring are required during all friable (Class A) and for non-friable (Class B) asbestos removal, where a risk assessment indicates that airborne asbestos fibres may result from the removal activity.

The Construction Industry Training Fund CTIF may have subsidies available of up to 80% for eligible construction industry businesses and employees. Contact them on 9244 0100.

Course Structure

This Course includes training and information on:

  • WHS Legislative requirements for compliant asbestos removal processes
  • Identifying asbestos containing materials, condition and friability
  • Identify Health impacts relating to asbestos exposure
  • Asbestos removal risk assessments, identifying hazards, applying controls to ensure safe asbestos removal work methods
  • Enclosure requirements for structural integrity and calculating/directing Air Flow
  • Planning, preparing and sampling of air monitoring program for asbestos removal
  • Interpreting sample analysis from the NATA or other accredited laboratory
  • Collect, record, retain and store sampling results. Prepare Reports per Legislative requirements
  • Processes for completing site inspections and clearance certificate issue

Site locations may be domestic or commercial, and may be a demolition site, a new work site or an existing structure being renovated, extended, restored or maintained. Project sites may be construction sites and may also include ships, soils and fences.

Regulatory Information

An Asbestos Assessor Licence (LAA) is required in all states of Australia for persons conducting air monitoring and/or clearance inspections for friable asbestos (Class A) removal works.

This course is the minimum qualification level, and is required to be completed prior to lodging an application for an Asbestos Assessor Licence with WorkSafe. If you hold a degree level course in Health or Environmental areas, you may not need to complete this course. In this case contact WorkSafe to confirm if your degree or other qualification meets the minimum acceptable training requirements for their application.

The model WHS regulations and the Code of Practice: How to safely remove asbestos (2018); outline the regulatory requirements for conducting clearance inspections and air monitoring (the Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres); experience, qualification and certification.

Important Notes:

1. clearance inspections for non-friable asbestos (Class B) removal works may be conducted by an Independent Competent Person (ICP) - a WorkSafe WA Licence is NOT required for Class B clearances, however the ICP must hold this unit as their minimum qualification and be able to demonstrate appropriate experience in the asbestos removal industry to be deemed as a Competent Person.

2. please contact WorkSafe WA for information on Asbestos Assessor Licence applications and for definitons or requirments for operations of a LAA and ICP.


No specific training pre-requisites are required.

To enrol in this course you are assumed to have prior knowledge and experience, in asbestos removal site work and set up processes. This knowledge is crutial to undertake this course successfully.


To enrol, please select your preferred course date from our course calendar and follow the simple instructions.

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CPCCDE5001 Conduct air monitoring and clearance inspections for asbestos removal work 

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