Work Health & Safety Qualifications

Workplaces are required to closely abide by WHS Acts and Regulations.

The roles of Safety Officers and Management are critical in this process. 

With the assistance and guidance of our highly experienced WHS Trainers, you will gain a strong understanding of WHS legislation, work practices and their application in the workplace.

Workplace Health and Safety

Industry and Legislation place different requirements on workplaces and individuals for Work Health and Safety. These can also vary from State to State.

There are nationally recognised qualifications, state recognised Certifications and Workplace Safety Training courses that all may have relevance in your workplace. We can assist you to determine which courses hold relevance for your intended outcomes.

Work Health and Safety Qualifications

These courses are for people seeking formal qualifications in the specialist field of WHS in their industry, as follows:

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety aims to give you a strong understanding and application in WHS ACTS/Legislation, Workplace skills and practices - typically at the level required by aspiring or new HSE specialists, Safety Advisers & general Manager/Supervisors in any workplace.

BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety is designed for people who are looking to further their WHS knowledge and skills to progress to be a HSE Specialist or Senior Management level with strong WHS grounding. Must have a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and significant workplace experience in a Safety role.

Recognition for Prior Learning

Do you currently hold a WHS/OHS Qualification?

You may like to update to the latest WHS qualifications. This involves an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process and can require additional study. RPL requires you to provide documentary evidence usually from your current workplace.

We review your earlier qualifications and current experience to identify any gaps in your knowledge/experience. If gaps are identified, we recommend a Training Plan to cover these gaps.


BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety introduces WHS ACTS/Legislation, knowledge, workplace skills and practices - at an introductory level for appointed Safety Representatives and all employees in workplaces.


Legislative Compliance 
Please also refer to the courses in WHS / Asbestos Courses section as there are a number of WorkSafe recognised and other WHS courses that have relevance in the workplace.

An example is the 5 Day Safety & Health Representatives course, which is approved by WorkSafe WA. This training is a requirement under WA legislation, for employees elected to this role in their workplace. SHR Representatives are required to be registered with WorkSafe WA after they complete their training.